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Longing for sunny skies a few months a year? Or maybe you’re thinking of making a big move to the U.S. for your career? Whatever your reasons for wanting to spend time in the U.S., RBC Bank can help you navigate the entire journey—from dreaming to doorstep!

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U.S. Homes are More Affordable than in Canada, So Dream Big.

For example, the average home in Calgary costs $448,030 CAD while a comparable home in Tucson, Arizona averages just $215,252 USD.40

Properties are updated every 15 minutes, so you'll never miss a new listing.

Things to Consider as You Dream

If you’re not quite ready to buy or are finding it hard to pick a location, you’re not alone! Many Canadians rent in the U.S. before buying.

By renting, you’ll be able to test out different areas and figure out where you’d like to call home. Plus, renting is a great choice if you’re not totally sure buying is for you or you’d like to see more of the U.S. before settling on a place.

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If you’re planning to spend any amount of time in the U.S., there are a few things you can do to simplify both your cross-border lifestyle and your finances:

  • If you’re already spending time in the U.S., consider getting a U.S. bank account and credit card so you can avoid fees from drafts, wires and foreign transaction fees. As an RBC cross-border banking client, you can transfer money between your Canadian and U.S. bank accounts, instantly and for free1!
  • Protect yourself with travel insurance. If you need medical care or treatment in the U.S., your government health plan may cover only a portion of the costs, if any. See why travel insurance is important or explore coverage options34 now.

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Buying a vacation home with your family can help cover mortgage costs and give you a special place to enjoy with your loved ones. Here are a few things that can help make owning a vacation home with your family go smoothly:

  • Be willing to compromise to find a place that everyone can agree on, even if it doesn’t check off everything on your wishlist.
  • Create a set schedule to avoid surprises when it comes to who gets to enjoy the home over popular holidays or throughout summer vacation periods.
  • Divvy up tasks, from who pays the mortgage to who manages the maintenance.
  • Discuss the tough stuff and what will happen if somebody wants out of their portion of the house.

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Here are a few tips to help make trips down south with your family more enjoyable — whether you own a U.S. home together or you’re simply enjoying quality time with them.

  • Get everyone involved in the planning but have one person handle the details. That way, each person’s voice gets heard but no details get overlooked.
  • Talk about accommodations and make activities optional so that everyone gets enough personal space and time to recharge. One thing all generations have in common: they need downtime.
  • Plan out meals in advance because hangry arguments over what to have for dinner are no fun.

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A Team of Experts - Every Step of the Way

Whether you need a real estate agent, tax and legal advice or need to discuss financing, the RBC U.S. HomePlusTM Advantage38 is built to support you, as a Canadian, through every stop of the U.S. home buying process - and you can receive a cash reward of up to $6,500

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