Welcome to RBC Bank!

Your U.S. debit card makes it easy to get U.S. dollars. 

√ Get cash back at many large retail merchants

Use your debit card to get cash when you pay for purchases at many larger U.S. retailers and grocery stores. Simply select “cash back” at the card terminal. It’s that easy!

√ Get cash at ATMs 

Visit any ATM in the U.S. RBC Bank never charges a fee1 for using any ATM in the U.S. Plus, upon request, we’ll reimburse ATM fees other banks charge. Find a no-fee ATM near you.


1 Standard account fees and transaction limitations will apply. To find a no-fee ATM near you visit www.rbcbank.com/atms. If you can't find a no-fee ATM nearby, you can use your RBC Bank Debit card for cash back with your purchases at many larger retail merchants such as grocery stores, or visit any U.S. ATM and request a refund of the ATM fee. Refund requests are subject to limitations, refer to the Personal Schedule of Fees for details.