How do I send a wire transfer?

To send wire transfers with RBC Bank, you must first sign and submit a one-time Wire Transfer Agreement. Once we’ve received your signed agreement, you can send a wire transfer by calling us at 1-800 ROYAL 5-3 (1-800-769-2553).

A wire transfer involves a sending bank and a beneficiary bank or a receiving bank. Have this information ready when you call:

Your name and account number

The name, address, and account number of the person/business to whom you’re sending the wire

Beneficiary bank (bank where the person/business receiving your wire transfer has an account)
Name and address
ABA/routing number

Receiving bank (if the beneficiary bank uses a receiving, or intermediary, bank)
Name and address
ABA/routing number (also called an institution or ABA number)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Many banks use an intermediary bank as their receiving bank. If so, be sure to use the intermediary bank’s name, address, routing number, and SWIFT Code. If you use the final beneficiary bank’s information, that may create a significant delay in processing.

How do I receive a wire transfer?

To receive an incoming domestic or international wire transfer, please download the Instructions for Receiving Wires, which will tell you what information you should provide to the person or business initiating the transaction (sending the wire transfer to you).

Download the Instructions for Receiving Wire Transfers here.

How long will it take for an online or wire deposit to appear in my account?

If you are making an online money transfer between your RBC Bank and/or RBC Royal Bank™ accounts, the deposit will appear immediately. If you are making a wire transfer between non-RBC accounts, either domestic or international, the deposit credit may take up to two business days to appear.

Do I have to pay for wire transfers?

There are fees associated with sending or receiving wire transfers. Please refer to the Personal Schedule of Fees for specific transaction costs.