When your travels take you far from home in Canada, even a minor accident or sickness can become a major expense and a costly inconvenience – especially since your provincial health plan or coverage through your credit card or work may not fully protect you. 

Your Government Health Insurance Plan (GHIP) typically covers only a limited portion of your medical expenses once you leave the country and your province. For example, a four-day stay in a U.S. hospital for an appendectomy could cost $39,400 (USD), with only $1,600 (CAD) covered by your GHIP. And a one-day stay in a U.S. hospital for a broken arm could cost $32,600 (USD), with only $400 (CAD) covered by your GHIP1

Travel insurance can cover your entire family for the duration of your trip, and family pricing is generally available. For frequent travels, consider a multi-trip annual travel insurance plan.

How to select a travel insurance provider

Here are some important considerations.

  • Look for a 24/7 toll-free emergency help line, in multiple languages, with registered nurses and physicians on staff who can help you and your family understand and make medical decisions? 
  • Ask whether they provide emergency assistance themselves, or do they use an outside company? Will the emergency assistance company know you and your insurance coverage when you call them?
  • Keep in mind that not all countries have the same standard of medical care to which you’re accustomed. Find out if the insurer has a worldwide network of health care professionals who offer first-class medical treatment or if local resources are used. 

Choose a travel insurance company that will be there for you should you need them. One you can trust to get you back to your trip, or home, with minimal financial and personal impact.

1 2008 RBC Insurance / Ipsos Reid Survey