U.S. credit and U.S. debit cards together bring you a number of advantages that are especially useful to Canadians. Making purchases, getting gas, and managing monthly spending in the U.S. are easy and seamless when you have both a U.S. credit and a U.S. debit card. They help you avoid unfavorable foreign exchange rates and fees – and the risk that your Canadian card won’t be accepted. They’re also faster than writing checks and much safer than carrying cash.

U.S. debit cards

Debit cards are a convenient way to make everyday purchases and get cash in the U.S. When making purchases with your debit card, you can choose to either sign for transactions or type in your PIN. When you need cash, you can use your debit card at an ATM, or use it to get cash back when you make a debit card purchase at many larger retail merchants, such as grocery stores.

Another plus is that a U.S. debit card from RBC Bank protects you from the liability associated with fraudulent use of the card.  

U.S. credit cards

You’ll also benefit from having a U.S. credit card. They’re important for building a U.S. credit history, and if you’re relocating to the U.S., your history is helpful when applying for a loan or mortgage in the States.

For your travels and stays in the U.S., many credit cards offer valuable travel benefits, such as travel accident, trip cancellation, and auto rental insurance and luggage reimbursement. In addition, many credit cards offer generous rewards programs with points you can redeem for accommodations, dining, gift cards, merchandise, or cash back.

You can use a credit card to pay in U.S. dollars when you shop online and by phone, and to make recurring payments. In addition, credit cards provide a secure way to pay bills and the convenience of setting up auto-payments to cover your U.S. bills while you’re away.

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