Why Frequent Travellers Love Our Cross-Border Services

We help you save money on foreign exchange and make it easy
to pay for U.S. purchases in U.S. dollars.

Say goodbye to drafts and wires

So Long, Drafts and Wires!

Move money online, instantly and for free1 between your Canadian and U.S. accounts.

Stop packing a stack of cash

Stop Packing a Stack of Cash

Surely you don’t want to bring 3-months’ worth of cash across the border. Get cash at over 50,000 no-fee2 ATMs across the U.S.

Pay U.S. bills in U.S. dollars

Reduce your FX Costs

A U.S. credit card4 helps you save money on your U.S. purchases.

Discover and Learn

Take a Few Trips Per Year?

Save on travel insurance34 with a multi-trip package that gives you coverage 365 days a year.

Want a place to call home?

If you’re regularly travelling to the U.S., it might make more sense to buy a home8 rather than spending on rentals or hotels. See how we make buying U.S. property easy.