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Mortgage Solutions

Getting a mortgage in the United States is very different than what you may have experienced in Canada, but don’t be concerned. RBC Bank is the only national mortgage provider dedicated to helping Canadians purchase property in the U.S., and the only bank with a dedicated team of cross-border mortgage specialists to help guide you through the process.

As your trusted advisor, we’ll let you know what to expect at every step along the way – all with the peace of mind of RBC Bank1. To learn more, please review A Step-By-Step Guide to the RBC Bank U.S. Mortgage Process.

The following guides were developed to help answer any preliminary questions you may have about getting a mortgage in the U.S.:

Available in all 50 states, RBC Bank Mortgage options include:

Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs)

  • No prepayment penalty
  • 30 year amortization
  • Competitive pricing
  • Cash out refinancing

Non-Recourse Mortgage (NRMs)

NRMs are a specialty borrowing option designed for high net-worth clients. While interest rates and closing costs are slightly higher than a typical mortgage, the mitigated risk and potential tax relief associated with a non-recourse mortgage makes this a great financial tool. This RBC Bank exclusive mortgage offers:

  • Loans up to 65% of property values2
  • Cash out refinancing
  • Potential tax deductibility of interest paid when loan proceeds are reinvested in Canada 3
  • A smart way for Canadians with U.S. real estate to mitigate estate tax exposure

With today’s low interest rates and wide selection of properties available at competitive prices, now is a perfect time to make a real estate purchase in the U.S. Choose RBC Bank for your U.S. mortgage needs.

1 All loans and lines of credit are subject to approval, including verification of acceptable income, creditworthiness, and property valuations. Minimum and maximum property values and maximum loan-to-value ratios apply. Homeowner’s insurance is required for all loans and lines and flood insurance is required if property is located in a Special Flood Hazard Area. Escrows may be required. There are closing costs associated with these products.

2 Loans up to 65% of property value require a down payment of at least 35%.

3 Consult your financial, tax, legal and other professional advisors prior to applying for a U.S. mortgage.


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A Step By Step Guide to the RBC Bank U.S. Mortgage Process. Read Now