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One of the most valuable benefits we provide all owners of every Preferred Checking account is Deluxe Provent Identity Theft Restoration Services, a free guidance and assistance program that helps you restore your good name in the event you become a victim of fraud.

With Identity Theft Restoration Services, if your identity or personal information is ever stolen, Deluxe will immediately connect you with a Resolution Specialist who will work hand in hand with you to:

  • Report and cancel all missing or stolen credit and debit cards to creditors.
  • Place fraud alert with all three major U.S. credit reporting agencies
  • Advise all banks where you hold accounts and close any account with the possibility of being compromised
  • Contact check verification companies and advise them to not accept checks from the affected accounts
  • File a police report
  • Complete and file an online Fraud Complaint Form with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission
  • Request and review your credit report from each of the three credit bureaus.
  • Notify your state’s (e.g. Florida) Department of Motor Vehicles to report a stolen driver’s license or vehicle registration
  • Notify the U.S. Social Security Administration to report a stolen Social Security card or number

And it doesn’t end there. Once the initial work of reporting identity theft is complete, your Resolution Specialist will continue to monitor and update your case weekly until all fraudulent activity has been removed from your credit report. Plus, if we determine that the circumstances of your case put you at a higher risk of further identity theft events, we’ll put preventive measures in place – at no charge to you.


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