Numerous ways to conveniently and securely move money.

Cross-border transfers

Instant and free¹ cross-border transfers — at great rates!
The most popular way to transfer money is through cross-border transfers. With a single sign in to Online Banking, you can automatically convert money online and great rates and transfer it for free between your RBC Bank (U.S.) and your RBC Royal BankTM (Canadian) accounts. There are no limits to the number of transfers you can initiate per month from your checking account.
Learn how to link accounts for a single sign in.

Recurring or future-date transfers
Setup is easy! Simply sign in to RBC Bank Online Banking, go to Transfer Funds, and specify the amount, date range, and frequency of transfer. You can review and change your selections at any time.

External funds transfers between U.S. banks
Use Online Banking to link your accounts at other U.S. financial institutions, then make online transfers — without any fees from RBC Bank.

Wire transfers

Complete domestic and international wire transfers between accounts you own or with others. To send wire transfers with RBC Bank, you must first sign and submit a one-time Wire Transfer Agreement. Once we've received your signed agreement, you can send a wire transfer simply by calling us.

Automated Telephone Banking

You can transfer funds instantly between your U.S. accounts using Automated Telephone Banking, and it’s quick and easy to enroll, either through Online Banking or by calling us.

To complete cross-border transfers, sign in to Online Banking and link your RBC Royal Bank (Canadian) and RBC Bank (U.S.) accounts.


Can I transfer funds at an ATM?
At this time, you cannot transfer funds between your RBC Bank accounts using an ATM.

Is there a limit to the amount I can transfer between my RBC Royal Bank and RBC Bank accounts?
Cross-border transfers via Online Banking are limited to $25,000 (CAD or USD) per transaction. Should you need to transfer more than that at one time, please call 1-800 ROYAL 5-3 (1-800-769-2553), and an RBC Bank Advisor can accommodate single transfers up to and including $100,000.

How do I check the current exchange rate before I make a transfer between my U.S. and Canadian RBC accounts?
Go through the process of completing an online transfer. When you get to the "Confirm Transfer" page, the conversion rate will appear. At that time, you can select to either complete or cancel your transaction.

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1 Standard account charges may apply. Maximum transaction limits may apply and are subject to change. Availability of the money will depend on the time when it is sent from RBC Royal Bank or RBC Bank. Transaction may not appear on your RBC Bank (U.S.) account transaction history until the following day but will reflect the date of transfer.