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For more than a decade, RBC has been focused on serving the unique needs of cross-border clients just like you.

Welcome Kit
Be on the lookout for your account welcome kit. The account welcome kit contains important fee and product disclosures and agreements. Please read through everything carefully and contact us if you have any questions. We also have the Personal Services Agreement and the Schedule of Fees online for your convenience.

  • If you applied to open your account by phone, you will receive a welcome kit in 7 to 14 days.
  • If you applied for your account in a Royal Bank of Canada branch, you should have received your welcome kit during your appointment.

To help you get started banking with us, we’ve developed these helpful tips:

Account Setup

Account Number

Your checking account number will be sent to you via secure email within a few days of your account opening. Your account number along with RBC Bank’s institution/transit number (063216608) is needed when you set up automated payments or wire transfers. You should also confirm that the account number sent to you in the secure email matches the number printed on the bottom of your checks when you receive them.

Client Information Number (CIF)

Your CIF is sent to you in the same secure email with your checking account number. You should keep your CIF in a secure place and should not share it. You will need your CIF to access Automated Telephone Banking.

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Managing Your Money with Online Banking & Bill Pay

RBC Bank makes managing your money between Canada and the U.S. seamless and hassle-free. Enjoy a single sign-in feature to manage your RBC Bank (U.S.) and RBC Royal Bank of Canada accounts in one secure Online Banking session. You can also make instant, cross-border funds transfers, pay bills and much more! Once you've enrolled in Online Banking & Bill Pay, you'll want to link your U.S. and Canadian Accounts. And don't forget to sign up for eStatements.

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Your New Checking Account


If you ordered checks, you will receive them within 7 to 14 days after you made the initial deposit into your account.

Visa Debit Card

You’ll also receive your RBC Bank Visa Debit card within 7 to 14 days after you opened your account. When you receive your debit card, don’t forget to activate it! You can activate your debit card easily by calling 1-866-601-7794 and follow the prompts. When you are done sign the back of your card and start using it.

RBC Bank provides 7 easy ways to deposit money into your checking account.

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Accessing Your Money


Need cash? It’s as close as your nearest ATM. To find a no-fee ATM visit our ATM locator. Or get “cash back” when using your RBC Bank Visa Debit card at retailers throughout the U.S.

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Additional Assistance

Getting started with RBC Bank is as easy as picking up your phone. Call 1-800 ROYAL 5-3 (1-800-769-2553) and speak with one of  our dedicated, bilingual Customer Service Representatives who will provide you financial advice, answer questions and address any concerns you may have.

1 All loans and lines of credit are subject to approval, including verification of acceptable income, creditworthiness, and property valuations. Minimum and maximum property values and maximum loan-to-value ratios apply. Homeowner’s insurance is required for all loans and lines and flood insurance is required if property is located in a Special Flood Hazard Area. Escrows may be required. There are closing costs associated with these products.

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We're happy to help!

Whether you are a frequent visitor of the U.S., or staying longer term, RBC Bank is uniquely suited to serving your financial needs on both sides of the border.

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