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New, more convenient way to make credit card payments in 3 easy steps! 

We've recently made some changes to Online Banking that lets you pay your U.S. RBC Bank credit card using the Transfer Funds feature.

Return or go to the Online Banking & Bill Pay Sign-In page.  Return or go to the RBC Bank home page.

Log in to your U.S. RBC Bank Online Banking account. Then follow these simple steps to make credit card payments using our convenient credit card transfer tool.


Specify the details of your transfer by entering the amount you wish to pay and the "From Account" you'd like to pay from. Select your RBC Bank credit card account from the "To Account" menu.


Schedule your payment and specify whether you would like it to be an immediate payment or a scheduled one-time or recurring payment. Then click "Submit".


Click "Submit" again to place the funds transfer.

Important information regarding credit card payment transfers:

  • You can only make payments to your U.S. RBC Bank credit card using your U.S. RBC Bank checking or savings account.
  • The amount of your payment cannot be more than your current credit card balance.
  • Credit card payments will be deducted from your deposit account in real time based on the date scheduled and your payment will be credited to your account on the date you made the payment. While the credit card payment will not display in Online Banking for approximately 2-3 days, it will reflect the actual date you made the payment when viewable.