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We've Made Important Changes to Online Bill Pay

We recently made some important updates to the Online Bill Pay "Payment Center" so you can manage and pay your U.S. bills faster and easier than ever before!

Go to the Online Banking & Bill Pay sign-in, click here or go to the RBC Bank home page.

If you manage 5 or more payees using Online Bill Pay, here's how your Payment Center will change:

A The "Add a Bill" function in the main navigation bar and the "Quick Biller Add" function within the Payment Center will be replaced with one convenient button. Clicking this button will open a new window, where you can more easily select new companies or individuals you'd like to add as payees.
A The minimize and maximize icons within the Bill Reminders, Pending Payments and Recent Payments functions will be replaced with a 'more' link; allowing you to more easily access information when you're managing more than 10 items. In addition, the help icons for these functions will be replaced with helpful tips that appear within each data entry field (amount, date, etc.).
A The column headers (Biller Name, Amount, etc.) within the Pay Bills function will be removed to provide the cleanest view of your billers and biller groups.

If you manage less than 5 payees, your Payment Center will appear even more streamlined.

Aside from the changes noted in the example above, each of your billers will appear, ungrouped, within the Pay Bills function.