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Why Do I Need a U.S. Credit Card?

When your cross-border travel takes you to the U.S. – whether it’s for an extended stay or for a weekend shopping excursion – you’ll likely be making purchases, buying gas and other necessities along the way.  And no one wants to worry about exchanging Canadian dollars for U.S. dollars and paying exchange rates and fees.  What’s more, it’s likely your Canadian card will not be accepted throughout the U.S., except for perhaps a few areas along the border.  Having a U.S. credit card will allow you to make purchases wherever and whenever you need to do so.

Credit cards also provide coverages and insurance protection that are an added benefit when traveling abroad.  Some of these available coverages include: travel accident insurance, travel and emergency assistance, and lost luggage reimbursement, for example.

A U.S. credit card is a simple and easy way to ensure you can make purchases, pay bills and/or get access to funds when you need them most – away from home!  What’s more, by obtaining a U.S. credit card, you can begin developing a U.S. credit history which can be valuable down the road should you opt to remain in the States longer-term.

What if I don’t have U.S. credit?  If you decide a U.S. credit card is right for you, RBC Bank can utilize your Canadian credit history and your relationship with RBC Royal Bank to approve you for an RBC Bank U.S. Visa credit card. We offer two options:  the Platinum Credit Card and the Signature Black Credit Card.  Both cards offer the option to earn reward points that can be used for a whole host of benefits – cash them in for travel, merchandise, Canadian gift cards at some of your favorite merchants, or simply apply the points toward your card’s balance.  These points are simple, easy-to-use and a simple way to make using your credit card work for you!

Learn more about the RBC Bank credit card options by calling 1-800-ROYAL® 5-3
(1-800-769-2553).  An RBC Bank representative will be happy to assist you.


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