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Making Deposits in the U.S.

Whether you’re traveling to the U.S. for an extended stay, or perhaps for an elongated period to study or work, you’ll need the ability to deposit funds into your U.S. checking or savings account.  In today’s highly mobile environment, there are many deposit options available. Check with your financial institution to see if they offer:

Online banking transfers between your Canadian and your U.S. bank accounts.  At RBC Bank you can use our online banking to immediately transfer funds from your RBC Royal (Canadian) accounts into your RBC Bank (U.S.) account. And at RBC Bank, online cross-border transfers have no transaction fees.

ATMs:  You can deposit U.S. currency and checks drawn on U.S. banks at many ATMs. As a client of RBC Bank, you have access to over 7,300 ATMs, many of which accept deposits.  Find an ATM location nearest you.

Remote deposit:  Through U.S. remote deposit*, you can use your Smartphone or personal computer with scanner and high-speed internet connection to scan images of checks and transmit them.  RBC Bank offers Remote Deposit at no charge.

Direct deposit:  Direct deposit allows you to deposit money into your U.S. bank account electronically by setting up direct deposits of regularly scheduled payments issued to you such as your paycheck or Social Security deposits.  

Wire transfer:  Make or accept deposits worldwide.  At many financial institutions wire transfers fees can be significant.  The fee is generally higher for international wire transfers.  Make sure you are aware of the fees specifically charged at your bank.

Mail system:  Send non-cash deposits to your financial institution via the mail service.  Because you are sending your deposit through the mail, this is the slowest method for making a deposit.  Remember that with most financial institutions you can only deposit U.S. currency checks drawn on a U.S. bank.

In this age of mobility and online banking options, there is no need to feel bound by finding a branch location when you’re traveling or staying in the U.S.  Check before you travel to the U.S. to determine what deposit services your financial services provider offers.  Because when you’re traveling, the last thing you want to worry about is having access to your funds when you need them most.


* Subject to daily and monthly limits.