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As a national bank in the U.S., RBC Bank is the premier provider of retail banking products and services for Canadians with cross-border needs.  RBC Bank has offered cross-border banking solutions for more than a decade, helping make banking easier on both sides of the border.

August 2013 - In this Issue:

Now May Be the Time to Transfer Funds into a U.S. Bank Account

If you are planning a visit or extended stay in the U.S. in the coming months, now may be a good time to deposit funds into a U.S. bank account.  The Canadian dollar (CAD) has moved lower recently as compared to the U.S. dollar (USD) and exchange rates could be volatile in the months ahead.  Planning ahead and converting money now means you don’t have to worry about the CAD/USD exchange rates moving lower in the future and their potential impact on your purchasing power.

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U.S. Real Estate Market Remains Prime Opportunity

The U.S. real estate market continues to present an opportunity for those seeking property – whether for an investment or for personal use.  Housing values remain below peak values from that of several years ago, and U.S. mortgage interest rates remain low by historical standards.  The time has never been better to pursue a U.S. mortgage!

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Mortgage Advice and Expertise You Can Rely On

The U.S. mortgage industry is highly regulated. That means securing a mortgage loan in the U.S. is more complex and will take longer than in Canada.  For a Canadian borrower, the process is unfamiliar so working with a trusted partner like RBC Bank is beneficial to assist you in taking advantage of the many benefits associated with real estate financing opportunities in the U.S.

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Should You Consider a Non-Recourse Mortgage?

RBC Bank offers a Non-Recourse Mortgage that may help lower your U.S. estate taxes by reducing the amount of the taxable estate, dollar for dollar by the amount of the mortgage.  This type of mortgage can be beneficial to Canadian who are not U.S. citizens.

If you are interested in a U.S. mortgage or would like assistance with banking solutions in the U.S., please call us today at 1-800-ROYAL 5-3 (1-800-769-2553).  Our cross-border banking and mortgage specialists can help find the solution that's right for your particular situation.