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Preparing for Travel to the U.S.

As you get ready for your seasonal stay in the United States, RBC Bank is committed to helping make the financial aspects of your visit a little easier. We've provided some helpful information so your time south of the border is enjoyable and stress-free.

Follow these basic long-term international travel tips...

  • Cancel or place a hold on your Canadian newspaper subscription(s)
  • Contact your mobile phone service provider to add international roaming to your current billing plan or purchase a pre-paid phone solely for use in the U.S.
  • Forward your mail to your U.S. address or make arrangements for someone to collect mail for you
  • Review your current Canadian health care coverage to ensure you will be adequately covered for the duration of your stay. Note: If you don't believe your current plan provides enough coverage, consider RBC Royal Bank Travel Health Protector for supplemental coverage
  • Make sure the duration of your trip does not exceed the allotted time you may stay in the U.S. without becoming a U.S. resident for tax purposes. For more information on this topic, please visit and search for Publication 519; U.S. Tax Guide for Aliens
  • Review all applicable Canadian legal documents such as your will, estate plan, Power of Attorney/Letter of Direction to determine their validity in the U.S. Please note: you may need to execute legal documents in the U.S. to ensure your U.S. interests and real estate are protected. 
  • Pack your passport, health insurance cards and U.S. banking instruments (RBC Bank Visa* Debit and Credit cards, checks)

...And don't forget to bring RBC Bank with you:

RBC Access USA

If you don't already have a U.S. -based deposit account, be sure to consider a Cross-Border Banking Package; a comprehensive banking package that lets you seamlessly manage both your Canadian and U.S. finances while you're in the states. Visit your RBC Royal Bank Banker in Canada, or call 1-800 ROYAL 5-3® (1-800-769-2553) if you are already in the U.S. in order to get started.

If you are already an RBC Access USA client, update your RBC Bank account preferences. Simply log in to your U.S. RBC Bank Online Banking account, click on "Customer Service", then select "My Profile & Preferences". From there, you can:

  • Update your mailing address, telephone number(s) and e-mail address to ensure important bank correspondence reaches you in the U.S
  • Sign up to receive eStatements; the safest, most convenient way to access your monthly account information, no matter where you are
  • Enroll in automated telephone banking so you can quickly confirm your account balance, transfer funds between your U.S. accounts, initiate stop payments, order checks and conduct credit card inquiries from anywhere in the world....all without waiting to speak with a customer service representative

Online Banking & Bill Pay

Enroll in U.S. RBC Bank Online Banking & Bill Pay, the most convenient way to manage both your U.S. and Canadian finances while you're away.

Online Banking & Bill Pay lets you:

  • Enjoy a single sign-on to manage both U.S. and Canadian accounts
  • Transfer funds between your U.S. and Canadian accounts or between your RBC Bank account and other U.S.-based financial institutions
  • Receive e-bills from participating vendors and service providers
  • View and manage scheduled payments, e-billers and bill reminders
  • Establish one-time or recurring payments to U.S. vendors using funds from your RBC Bank accounts...up to a year in advance
  • Pay Canadian vendors using your RBC Royal Bank accounts
  • Pay your RBC Bank credit card bill
  • Manage your client profile
  • View account balances and up to 12 months of transaction history for checking and savings accounts, and 6 months for your credit card account
  • Access images of checks you've written
  • Send secure messages to Customer Service Representatives
  • Select and prioritize accounts for overdraft protection
  • Initiate stop payments

RBC Bank Visa Debit card

Be sure you have an RBC Bank Visa Debit card (not the same as your RBC Royal Bank client card) so you can easily make U.S.-based purchases, pay U.S. bills and get cash.

No-fee, U.S.-based ATMs

Visit to locate the no-fee, U.S.-based ATMs where you can withdraw funds from your U.S. RBC Bank deposit accounts.

U.S. Remote Deposit

Sign up for U.S. Remote Deposit; a free, secure service where you can use your smartphone or personal computer with a scanner and high-speed internet connection to take a picture of U.S. currency checks you receive and electronically send it to RBC Bank for deposit into your RBC Bank account. 

If needed, call 1-800 ROYAL 5-3® (1-800-769-2553) to order RBC Bank deposit envelopes.

RBC Bank Visa Credit Cards

Apply for an RBC Bank Visa Signature Black or Platinum Credit Card. Having a U.S.-based credit card provides a smart back-up to your RBC Bank Visa Debit card; giving you another option for making purchases or paying bills. Plus, using your RBC Bank credit card can help you establish a U.S. credit rating.

All loans and lines of credit subject to credit approval.

‡ All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.