RBC Bank Celebrates 200,000 Cross-Border Clients

Cross-border banking specialist reflects on 10+ years of providing expert guidance to Canadians in the U.S. 

RALEIGH, N.C. (Jan. 9, 2015) – RBC Bank, the leading provider of banking solutions for Canadians visiting or staying longer-term in the United States, is proud to announce it has enabled 200,000 clients to easily access and manage their funds while in the U.S. RBC Bank has also secured 1,175 U.S. mortgages for Canadians in search of the perfect vacation or investment property.

Despite fluctuations in both the Canadian dollar and U.S. real estate market, Canadians continue to migrate south. In fact, following a recent survey of its clients, RBC Bank found that 54 percent of clients who responded have been traveling to the U.S. for 11+ years and 59 percent own property in the U.S. RBC Bank has worked hand-in-hand with over 200,000 clients, offering practical advice and unmatched in-market experience on the differences, advantages and challenges of banking and securing a mortgage in the U.S.

Securing a U.S. mortgage continues to be a cost-effective option for buyers looking to avoid the high foreign exchange rates associated with all-cash purchases and the declining Canadian dollar. Understanding this trend, RBC Bank offers tailored mortgage solutions to give Canadian buyers peace of mind as they navigate the U.S. home buying process.

“We’re proud of the relationships we’ve built with more than 200,000 clients by offering our expertise and unique insights into cross-border financial management,” said Kristen Doherty, vice president of sales, marketing and communications at RBC Bank. “Many of our U.S.-based senior relationship managers are dual citizens who truly understand the priorities and concerns of Canadians living and buying real estate in the U.S.”

RBC Bank helps Canadians spend time in the U.S. by offering tailored mortgage solutions and making it easier for these clients to access, manage and transfer funds when they make the trip down south. This year, RBC Bank launched a new U.S. business banking package with instant, no-fee transfers1 and streamlined online account management to help RBC Royal Bank customers conduct business while in the U.S.

To learn more about RBC’s cross-border banking solutions, visit RBC Bank’s Advice Center.


About RBC Bank

RBC Bank means RBC Bank (Georgia), N.A., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Royal Bank of Canada that provides U.S. banking solutions to RBC consumer clients with a cross-border lifestyle. RBC Bank pioneered cross border banking and has been serving clients who visit, shop, study or relocate in the U.S., for more than ten years.  Today, the Bank provides everyday banking and real estate lending solutions to Canadian clients in all 50 states. For more information, visit www.rbcbank.com.